The Kings Contrivance Village Center Community Plan:

The primary purpose of this plan is to satisfy the requirements of Howard Council Bill 29-2009. The Kings Contrivance Village Board established the Kings Contrivance Village Center Community Plan Committee. The Committee developed a project plan to complete the development of Community Plan.

The scope of this plan is the commercial Village Center and three parcels around the village center. The parcels are owned by different corporations, individuals or the Howard County Department of Education.

One critical component of the plan was to engage the stakeholders for their ideas on improvements to the Village Center and recommendations for the long term development of the Village Center. The Committee engaged the stakeholders by conducting on-line and paper surveys and meetings with stakeholder groups. The Committee received a large number of recommendations and decided to include the recommendations with this plan.

The key purpose of this plan is to establish the guidelines and restrictions for a developer that is planning to develop or redevelop a portion or all of the Village Center. The Committee developed 18 statements/recommendations that define the development/ redevelopment. Significant guidelines include the enabling of residential housing mixed within the primary commercial zone with “main street” access and focal point. Other key guidelines recognize the current satisfaction with the diversity of services and merchants especially a successful grocery store anchor. Guidelines include improved connections between the village center commercial zone, the high school and the Amherst House. Also the open space between the high school and the commercial village center should remain largely wooded with only low impact environmental or recreational modifications.

The Village Center was rebuilt about five years ago with the opening of Harris Teeter. Therefore, it is very likely that the village center will be rebuilt in the 15 to 20 year period. Although, this plan contains a variety of short term recommendations, its primary focus is the long term redevelopment of the Village Center. The Community Plan was completed and approved by the Village Board on 7/17/2013.
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